Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Day one: our first argument in the new home

As we haven't got internet at home yet, I haven't been able to post recently.

We are all moved in now. We've also had our first argument.

Arguing funny

My partner took the day off work on Monday to sort things out at the house. He's usually really good at getting things done, and I was expecting to get home to find the fridge stocked, the broadband, electricty and water companies rung and dinner in the oven. Instead I came home to find a note saying he was out and would be back about 7.

After making dinner for myself and him (even though I was the one who had been at work), he came home late so the food was overdone. Obviously I was annoyed but I tried my hardest to let him know I was upset yet not cause an argument. We ate dinner quietly making small amounts of conversation.

At the end of dinner I wanted some chocolate to cheer myself up and get back into a good mood. I asked him if he wanted some to. He said... "the chocolate in the cupboard??". He'd eaten the whole bar while I'd been at work. That was pretty much the last straw and I went from irritated to fuming.

I still didn't want an argument, but I did need to come to some sort of resolution. Unforunately, if a girl goes very quiet and annoyed, men tend to think the best thing is to give her a wide berth and wait for her to calm down. Men of the world, THIS DOES NOT WORK. Most women will get more and more angry until the problem is resolved.

So anyway, I went up to bed and sat in the room. Without any tv or internet there wasn't much to distract me so I just sat on the bed feeling sorry for myself waiting for him to come and see if he could cheer me up. Instead, he came up and pushed the door closed and carried on using the rest of the house. There's nothing like feeling ignored and shut away to push an angry woman over the edge.

We did resolve the issue in the end. He came up eventually and we made up. So all is well in our little house again.

The only thing that's irking me is he told me that his workmates took his side on this one. Surely I was clearly right to be slightly annoyed? I was stressed from work as it was, and worried about all the phoning companies we needed to do. Yet somehow he's convinced them that cleaning the bathroom is enough work for one man in one day. Anyway, as long as he helps me out some of the organising I'll get over it. I don't know what I'm doing and I don't want to have to do it all alone.

How long did it take to have your first argument with your partner?

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