Sunday, 2 September 2012

Viewing a rented house with messy tennants

Myself and the boyfriend started house hunting today. I lined up 3 properties for us to see, as I have a bit more time at work to do this sort of thing than him. We were seeing two Victorian properties and a village property that was a bit newer.

The Victorian properties had the problems a lot of Victorian properties have, no hallway, small rooms, awkward layout and small kitchen. They weren't very well kept either, and didn't really have many original features. They also didn't come with white goods.

The house we are going for is the newer house in a village. It's in a pretty little village called Great Glen which is on the outskirts of Leicester. It has a local co-op and a couple of pubs. It's easy to get to supermarkets and is just off the main road I use to get to work.

As we arrived at the house, we parked on the drive, which has space for two cars! This is rare in our price range. Then a young-ish ginger guy who had "pubes for hair" as my boyfriend stated after, answered the door. He asked us to take our shoes off.. which is pretty funny seeing as we were more likely to catch something from the floor than make a mess with our shoes. The house was.... disgusting. Thankfully we can see beyond the stuff to see it is a lovely house, but it was really a state.

We stepped into the living room, which had one safe, and then piles and bags of random objects all over the place. There was a huge cage with two chinchillas in, surrounded by mess. There was then a completely empty conservatory. The lounge and conservatory were a lovely size. I have added the original photos from the home website, but the house is actually nothing like that inside at the moment!

We then proceeded to look upstairs where the bed was not made, the bathroom floor was covered in water because the guy showing us round stated "he had just had a shower" and there were more piles of objects. I also noticed some World of Warcraft figurines on the shelf in the study, confirming my suspicions that he was in fact a geek.

Once we came downstairs we saw the kitchen, where he apologised for the dirty plates covering the kitchen and stated "it's great when it's clean". We asked if the house came with the white goods, to which he responded "what, the plates?". I think I actually just laughed in his face to that! 

Then when we checked out the downstairs bathroom, we found there was a chair in there. My boyfriend said "why is there a chair in there?". The bloke said he likes to read on the toilet?! I don't actually want to know why there was a chair in there!

Despite all this... it was a lovely house and had loads of space for our money. I just hope the place is thoroughly cleaned before anyone moves in. If we get it, I will be cleaning it myself regardless before I can so much as sit down in there! Thankfully it doesn't come with the furniture so at least we know they haven't contaminated that!

Have you ever seen a rental property with messy tenants? Would it put you off a nice house?

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