Monday, 1 October 2012

Dream sofa, £500 cheaper!!!!

My boyfriend and I have been completely in love with the Hudson sofa from John Lewis for a while now. Well, I wasn't completely in love at first; it took me a few days to get used to the idea of studs on my dream sofa, but now I have grown to accept them, maybe even like them.

john lewis leather sofa
I have seen the sofa in person at the store, and the leather is absolutely gorgeous. It is soft and supple, matte finish and will age beautifully. It is the kind that scratches easily so we will need to be careful, but that was the kind of leather we were looking for. It feels amazing. However, the sofa is £1400 for the large so I was gearing myself up for a massive expense.

I was at a comedy club at the weekend and my boyfriend texted me. He said "The Hudson sofa is on eBay!". Between acts I had a sneaky look on eBay and saw it was the one we wanted, in the size we wanted, and was on for £899 or offers around that price. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I phoned the seller the next morning and offered them £850. The seller brings the item to your house, you check it over, and then pay them in cash. I was worried that it is slightly dodgy, but the seller has loads of stock from John Lewis and said he gets cancelled orders. I have chosen to believe him.

This means, we are getting the sofa for £850! That's £550 cheaper than in the shop! The delivery is free too! I'm still nervous they may phone to cancel, but the item has been ended on ebay so it looks like it's ours!!! I am so excited.

So all is shaping up well for our new home. We have also bought 2 beds, an old leather sofa, two bookcases, a vacuum cleaner and a bedside table on ebay so far, and we are still bidding on a few items. It's costing a lot, but I think long-term we will save a bundle by buying solid furniture rather than getting everything from Ikea.

Hooray! What is the best bargain you have ever had?


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