Friday, 26 October 2012

Half Term (Finally)

I still don't have internet at home, so unforunately, posts will continue to be few and far between for a little while longer. However, today is the last day of half term so I get a week off (well, where I work I have to book it off, and I've only booked three days off because I don't automatically get time off like flippin school teaches do!). Hooray!

I really really wanted to get things sorted at home during this time. I am just starting to paint a corner cabinet, and I think it's going to look good. I discovered if you just thing "oh sod, it" and paint primer on a surface before you've properly removed the varnish, it doesn't work so I've got to go back to sanding a bit longer, but it's quite enjoyable.

Instead, Mum has booked a cottage in Cornwall for myself, my partner, my brother and his fiance and herself. It should be nice, although it's a hell of a drive from the midlands. The weather isn't looking too promising but I can always burrow away and drink wine with a sea view instead of going for walks. I can handle that. So although I won't be posting for a while, and won't be taking photos of my wonderful new house, I will add some gorgeous photos of Cornwall (or wine and a sofa) when I get back. Hopefully we will have tv and internet then!

So that's the latest. I don't usually do 'this is the latest' posts, I like to have a topic or some sort of issue, but I wanted to explain my absence. I'll get back to normal posting in a few weeks, and will upload some how-to, or how-not-to paint furniture and before and after pictures when the internet is set up. Exciting times! I love being a bit handy.

Really need to get cracking on the Psychology work for my course when the internet starts. It's getting late to begin! Hope I can get it all done in time!

Hope all is well in your own little worlds. And if you have already had your half term... haha! Mine is just beginning!


Natalie Gigi Wong said...

Cornwall should be a nice break for you!

Have fun!

Lucy said...

You have a lovely blog :) I'm also spending a few days in Cornwall next week, which should be a very welcome break. Going on walks is the leading plan, but if weather calls that off I'll follow you in turning to wine.

I hope you have a nice time.

Lucinda Harrington said...

Thanks for the comments guys! Having a nice time in Cornwall. Already played Trivial Pursuit, eaten takeaway, and obviously, lots of wine!

Next challenge is finding a Cream Tea shop.