Sunday, 28 October 2012

Dodgy dealings?

Sofa brown leather vintage

We are getting our sofa tomorrow! This would be incredibly exciting if it wasn't such a ruddy pain in the neck to organise. Basically, we are saving a load of money by doing a dodgy transaction, potentially. Here is why I think it may be dodgy.

  • The sofa was advertised on eBay but the description said to phone, and then once we'd confirmed a price over the phone with the seller, they cancelled the eBay advert.
  • The seller wanted cash on delivery
  • The delivery guy rang on Friday and said he would deliver on Monday. We aren't in and asked for another day, and he said he couldn't do any other days
  • When we said we wouldn't be there to pay cash, he wanted us to give our card details in advance over the phone. Obviously I said "Hell no."
  • They are delivering it and then the neighbours are giving them my card details to complete the transaction
  • The sofa is a John Lewis one, but almost half the price (apparently a returned delivery)
Anyway, the idea was, we see the sofa, we see if it is legitimate and then we give the seller the cash. However, as we're away we've had a nightmare asking our neighbours to let them in with spare key, giving them our card details, speaking to the delivery guy and arranging a time. It's so exhausting but if we end up with the sofa of our dreams for half the price, it may be worth it. The seller on eBay had a lot of John Lewis furniture, and a lot of positive feedback, so I'm hoping it's fine. However, handing over card details is getting my worried. 


joy pol said...

What a beautiful choice...everything looks so warm and lovely. I would have loved that room growing up!
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Lucinda Harrington said...

Thanks Joy! The sofa arrived and is lovely!