Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Hudson Sofa

Sorry to be a bit sofa heavy, but the sofa has arrived! We came back from holiday on Thursday and I walked into the room with the sofa in and said "It's not the right leather." I was gutted, we'd been conned! It was much shinier than it had been in the store and a different colour.

waxed hide sofa

Anyway, we gradually came round to the idea that you get what you pay for, and the leather was nice anyway, so we were going to keep the sofa despite being a bit gutted.

We went to John Lewis yesterday to visit the proper sofa. We felt the leather, it was beautiful and supple. Then, we looked at the information about the leather, and realised that the leather changes over time. It said something like "Over time the wax sinks into the leather to create a matt finish". Phew! We also saw another Hudson, the armchair I think, in the sale area with the same leather we had on ours. Panic over, we hadn't been conned, the leather just needs time to age and gain a matt finish.

In some ways I'm glad we weren't here when the sofa was delivered because I think I would have rejected the sofa and asked them to take it away. So if you have ordered the Hudson from John Lewis (or a cancelled order for less money off eBay), don't be too worried if the leather isn't exactly as it looked in store. I'm confident the leather will improve over time and gain the beautiful finish the one in store has. It really is a beautiful sofa. I will upload some photos of ours soon!


Anonymous said...

I hope for you that it is the right sofa, and you become happy with it soon! I recently fell in love with a real wooden desk on sale in a store, ordered one, it took three months to arrive and was the same shape but turned out to be nothing like the one I'd seen in texture or colour. I argued with the store manager for a week until he took it back. I'm still a little heartbroken over it...

Lucinda Harrington said...

Aw, I'm sorry that it didn't work out! At least they took it back. I hate complaining about things, it's so awkward. I'm so pleased my sofa is the right one, I love it!

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