Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Moving in with my boyfriend: the things I won't miss

It's my last few days of living in a house with three other housemates. I can't wait to see my boyfriend every day, and all the annoying things about sharing a house are really irritating me now.

Here are the things that I am not going to miss:

1. Sharing a kitchen. Every time I start cooking something, someone comes in and starts cooking something else. There isn't the space and it's so annoying. I can't wait to cook what I want, when I want, without interruptions.

2. Pubes in the bath. I don't like the general grime, but it's the pubes in the bath that really bug me. With men, it could be arm or chest or leg hair, but even so, it's unappealing and I'm SICK of washing them away!

3. No cupboard space. It's so irritating sharing cupboards in a kitchen with 3 other people's food. It means you hardly get any room in the cupboards, so everything I have is always almost falling out of the cupboards and crammed in and hard to find. It sounds like a small thing, but it really does get annoying after a while. The thought of a whole kitchen for just my things.... heaven! I want organised and pretty items, like this...
Pretty kitchen cupboard

4. Lack of quiet time. After a whole day teaching, I just want to come home and be quiet for a while. I don't want to make small talk with people. One of my housemates doesn't work, and the others have jobs where they sit quietly at a desk most of the day. This means when I see them when I get in from work, they quite like the idea of chatting. I feel rude if I don't chat back, but there's nothing I want to do less for at least an hour after I get in. This is something my boyfriend will probably have to get used to, but I feel is important for my sanity. Talking all day is physically exhausting, especially when it's in front of teenagers.

5. Everything I own being in one room. I've moaned about this before, but I can't wait to spread my things out! It'll be so much easier to keep tidy (in theory).

6. Lounge area. I can't wait to sit in the lounge. I never sit in the lounge at the moment, because I know nobody will want to watch what I'm watching as I'm the only girl. Hooray for sitting on a sofa and drinking tea!

Anyway, as you can tell, I'm super excited to move this weekend!!!! Do you have any advice for someone moving in with a partner?

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Anonymous said...

I'm so so so so jealous.
I just cannot wait to move in with my boyfriend.
Good luck lady! :)