Thursday, 15 November 2012

My home!!!

It's what you've all been waiting for.... images of my house. I've harped on about sofas god-knows-how-much. Now it's your chance to judge whether or not I've wasted my money on ebay items and soft leather.

So here are the photos of my rented house, filled with my ebay buys.


shabby chic butter dish
 Retro kitchen accessories. We're going for a cream and turquoise theme
kitchen cute
 Retro style toaster and kettle, along with cute tea and coffee jars

my kitchen

 Living room

brown leather sofa
 Vintage leather sofa, bought from eBay for £150. Comfy and slouchy
Hudson Sofa
 The leather Hudson from John Lewis
Leather Hudson sofa John Lewis

Leather sofa John Lewis
 I've even grown to love the studs!
Vintage bookshelf

Spare bedroom

Shabby chic bedroom
 Chest of drawers £30 from eBay. Bed soon to be painted white.
vintage chest of drawers
shoe collection
Space in the wardrobe for my shoes!

Master bedroom

Wooden bed shabby

vintage chest of drawers

There are still things to do, and we want to change a few pieces, but that's it at the moment. What do you think?

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