Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas Shopping

I was really excited about Christmas shopping this year, until I actually started doing it.

As someone who works full-time I am in work till this Friday, so I had to go to the shops on Saturday. It was horrible. I hate crowds and I don't like having to walk slowly behind people to get to where I want to go.

On the up side, the quality of gift choices seems to have improved this year. Although that might be because I have slightly more money and feel under pressure to spend more on loved ones, so I'm looking at gifts in a slightly higher price bracket.

In the end, I gave up shopping and came home and bought half our gifts online. It's so much faster, but I do feel guilty. Amazon is going to kill off the high street shops if we don't start paying more in high street retailers. It's just so tempting to get a better deal online, and have it sent right to your house, crowd-free. It is annoying waiting for things to arrive though, I want to start wrapping!

I got some nice gifts for my family. I can't tell you much as some of them read my blog, but I got Mum a Roberts radio which I'm so excited for her to open. She has no idea I'm getting it but she really wants one. I did keep thinking "I've got to get Dad something" and then realising he won't be here this Christmas, which made me sad. It'll be really strange having our first Christmas without him here. It's going to feel very sad and different. He was very ill last Christmas, which made it a difficult day for everyone.

Robert's radio cream

I can't wait for the boyfriend to open his gifts. I'm not sure if he'll be pleased or dissapointed, but I'll let you know what I got him after Christmas!

Hope all your Christmas shopping is going well. I've just got to wrap everything now! Sigh.

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