Thursday, 20 December 2012

My first pair of glasses

I had my eyes tested on Saturday (which ate into my Christmas shopping time considerably) because it had been 2 years since my last eye test, and I had noticed a difference in my eyesight.

I actually hate getting my eyes tested. I've always had a problem with eyes. And spines. Oh, and necks. Particularly my own. I don't want people near them. I told the optician this, and I think they took this to mean that as long as they talk to me in a babyish voice and say "you're doing really well" now and then that I'll be ok. I'm a grown adult with a weird dislike for something, not a four year old!!!

Anyway, I went through with it because I'm a big girl now, and it wasn't too bad. I wasn't keen on the machine that basically shoots you in the eyes with air, but I got past it. I'm not sure what that machine does. I think it's just for the opticians to make you jump, and have a little laugh at your expense. The eye equivalent of jumping out from behind a door and shouting "Boo"...Geeks.

So it turns out I don't legally have to wear glasses, but my eyes are detoriating slowly. My far vision is affected, but my near vision is pretty damn excellent. At least I can still read books, I just can't spend as much time at the cinema. I decided although I don't have to have them, I would get some glasses to see if it had an effect on how often I get headaches. And because I can be officially 'adorkable' (an adorable dork) if I have the glasses to complete the look... rather than just being 'a bit weird'.

I went for some Pepe Jeans glasses. Mostly because they were on the bottom shelf, which means they're cheap, and secondly because they have the geek-chic look. If you're gonna wear glasses, you've gotta embrace your inner geek.

New girl glasses
I showed my friend my glasses yesterday. The first thing she said was "now you really are new girl!" (I have a lot in common with the TV character). I guess my life is becoming more and more like a sit com every day. One thing I can say, it's definitely one of those sit-coms with awkward conversations. I've definitely put my foot in it a few times the past few days. At least I can consider this as character development, rather than shamefully poor timing. Eventually I'll just hear a laughter track in the background whenever I speak. That's one way to get through the day.

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