Wednesday, 26 December 2012

My Christmas Results

Christmas was strange this year, as it was the first Christmas since my Dad died. I didn't particularly enjoy it this year but it wasn't horrendous; my family are fairly good at putting on a brave face.

As I'm the youngest, my brother had his fiance here, and my Mum thinks my brother is the most amazing person on earth and can do no wrong, I felt pretty left out. Dad was my supporter and without him it's hard not to feel a bit isolate. My boyfriend usually gets me through family things by backing me up, or at least sticking by my side, but he was in London with his family for Christmas.

Anyway, present wise, I can't complain. In photo form, here are the items I was given:

shabby chic kitchen
tea coffee jars shabby chic

owl lamp
kinky handcuffs

kama sutra boyfriend



literary notebook

iphone for christmas
Yes, I opened them all in front of my family (Embarrasing... thanks goes to the boyfriend for that one). I can't use the Iphone 5 yet till I get a nano sim, but I'm excited to use it! I bought my boyfriend an iPad, which i'm equally excited to use... since I'm living with him I'll probably use it as much as he does! So all in all, not a bad hoard.

I hope you had a nice Christmas. If you didn't... don't worry. I'm pretty sure a lot of us are in the same boat on that one. It's never as good as it looks on the adverts. Remember, they're being paid to smile.

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