Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year's Resolutions 2012

A lot of people make resolutions for the sake of it, but I try to see new years resolutions as a way of making positive impacts on my life, and I do try to take them quite seriously. My resolutions are always something that will make my life a little easier, and a bit more fulfilling. Like most people, I tend not to stick to them, but sometimes one sticks and that's what I'm aiming for. This year's resolutions have already been decided upon.

Eat healthily. At the end of this year, my diet has been appalling. I have been eating chocolate, biscuits, cake and very little salad or vegetables. I'm also conscious that after moving in with a boyfriend, must people put on weight because they end up eating much more than they normally would. I'm going to try not to fall into the trap, and if I can make him healthier too that's an added bonus!

Wear more make-up. I literally do my make-up in about 5 minutes. The same goes for my hair. I want to spend a little more time looking a bit more polished day-to-day. Not that I want to be vain, I just want to work with what I've got. Maybe I won't be as horrified when I see unplanned photographs too!

Get up earlier/ go to bed earlier. This will help with the previous resolution. I never have time for breakfast in the morning as I only get up with enough time to grab clothes, brush my teeth, slap on make-up and straighten my hair quickly. I'd like to have time to get a bit more composed in the mornings, and maybe a cuppa tea wouldn't go amiss too.

I think they're pretty manageable, if I work hard to keep them. Dragging myself out of bed before I absolutely have to will be the most difficult. I will try and go easy on myself, so if I don't achieve them one day, I'll keep at it and try again the next. I don't go in for this whole "I've failed at it now so I just give up" idea. No-one can be perfect first try. We can only strive for perfection.

What are your resolutions? Hope you had a lovely new year!

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