Monday, 10 December 2012

One assignment down, hundreds to go

First assignment is in!

I started the module late, and was told I wouldn't be able to catch up on all the work by a very grumpy module leader, but I did it, and uploaded it an hour before the deadline. Hah. I wasn't even rushing last minute. It feels gooood.

Obviously, two modules at once next term will be harder, but I'm ready for the challenge. If I can learn about statistics, I can do anything! Assuming I've passed this module... 

So now I can take a break from studying, for a day at least. My research report, where I had to conduct my own study, is in on Friday. I'm already over the word-count and think I've hit all the criteria. I'm pretty much done on it, but it never hurts to take one last look. It's that sending off of the essay, or uploading it as we do with distance learning, that is the really hard part. That hesitation once it's gone is horrible. Immediately after sending submit, my mind shouts "Are you sure it was finished? Did you check everything?"

karl warrick

Anyway, I'm going to go spend my evening watching An Idiot Abroad while my boyfriend does work. I have a poorly tummy (women's issues) so I've got my pyjamas on and a hot water bottle that I rushed out to buy today. Snuggling up on the sofa watching TV. What could be better?

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