Sunday, 23 December 2012

THE dress

Every now and then, a woman will see a dress that makes her think "if I had that dress, all my problems would be solved". Clearly no dress can do that, but the mind is an odd thing.

I have found THE dress. I don't actually know who it is made by, and I know I can't have the exact dress as it's clearly a designer amazing beautiful cost-the-earth number, but I'm looking for a good rip-off. I've even willing to push the budget higher than I usually would and go into three figures to get the perfect one.

Basically, I watched the film Priceless (Hors de prix in French) two days ago. Audrey Tautou is physically one of the most beautiful women ever, and she looks gorgeous in anything. But she looks even more gorgeous in the dress I have been lusting after.

Priceless is a French film. It has a vintage style to it, and has a fairly simple plot that wouldn't be out of place in an Audrey Hepburn classic, or even a light-hearted Doris Day movie. A gold-digger meets a barman who she thinks is very rich, as he has access to the best suite in a hotel (because he works there). He fools for a while, until she realises he is actually poor. Unsurprisingly, love conquers money at the end and it is a lovely, heartwarming, but also deliciously stylish film.

Here are some images from the film. 

hors de prix dress

hors de prix toutou

hors de prix robe

hors de prix

hors de prix tautou

I loved the film. I love the dress. What more can I say.

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