Monday, 18 February 2013

Back to work

Why is it always harder returning to work after a holiday? I should be feeling refreshed and yet, I just feel a severe lack of motivation.

I had a good half term

Monday- I worked (we college teachers don't automatically get days off like school teachers, we have to book them!)
Tuesday- I sanded and painted a chest of drawers
Wednesday - I sanded and painted two bedside tables
Thursday- I went to Nottingham to see Mum (and the boyfriend came after work for Valentine's Day)
Friday- slobbed about at Mum's and went out for a friend's birthday in the evening
Saturday- hangover. Shouted 'WHY?' and 'never again' repeatedly, then the boyfriend drove me to Kent to see my University friends. Went out drinking, again.
Sunday- Breakfast and travelled back to Leicester.

So, it was eventful but perhaps not very relaxing. I don't like wasting time so it felt productive but I may have overdone it slightly. I think I might resolve to do absolutely nothing after work tonight.

Photos of painted furniture coming soon! They look very different.

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