Sunday, 10 February 2013


This is my first post on my phone so apologies if it looks a bit funky. He trouble is, now I have a sexy iphone 5 with unlimited Internet, I just don't bother to load up my slow, old laptop anymore. Therefore I post less often. If I can handle posting on a phone then my posts will get more frequent, but I'm a bit nervous about uploading photos and picture quality but time will tell.

Anyway, this post was supposed to be about skincare, not technology. Today I haven't left the house and could mostly be found sprawled across the sofa. The fella and I cooked a roast dinner (and cooked the roast potatoes in the gravy... It worked!). I then settled down to look for items I'm converting in a completely materialistic fashion. I bought a print, some lily lolo foundation (review coming soon) and then had a look for skincare.

I've never been a snob about skincare. I'm happy with own brand items or the basics from Boots. However after my mum bought some clarins a couple of years ago I've really noticed the change in feel of using a good quality items.

I've had a moisturiser by clarins for over a year now. This is mostly because it can be used sparingly and last for ages, but also partly because it costs so much I don't use it every day. Yet, I would like to buy enough clarins that I felt confident to use it more often and wouldn't be scared of running out. But is it really worth the expense?

The thing about expensive items is it's all relative. With a course, bills and the prospect of a smaller wage next year, clarins probably isn't a necessary expense. However, with the amount of time it the product lasts it could possibly be worth it. Also, after applying clarins my skin feels soft and only a tiny bit greasy unlike a lot of other heavy moisturisers. It really does give a more 'quality' feel to your daily regime and I find I'm more likely to moisturise if I love my moisturiser.

The worst thing about clarins is, as a high end product it's never really on offer. You're expected to pay full price. I love a bargain and an offer would be much more likely to tempt me to splash out. Is it just me?

You can find Clarins for sale in Boots, through their own high street stores, or at their website

What skincare regime do you use? Which are your favourite products?

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