Monday, 11 February 2013

It's owl good

For a while now, I've been a big fan of owl home decor. I wouldn't say I'm particularly into owls as an animal, but I like the alternative owl-themed home items around at the moment. Perhaps it is a bit of a fad, and a way of injecting some quirkiness into your home. Yet, the pieces available are in no way silly, and items I can see myself living with for a long time. The trick is not to let yourself get sucked in and buy novelty items, but keep to your own style while adding a touch of interest.

Here are my favourite owl related pieces.

owl lamp debenhams
 I have this lamp in my lounge and I absolutely love it. Quirky and classy at once. Lamp from Debenhams
quirky owl cushion
 I'm still trying to find the best deal on one of these little owl cushions. This one is from Strawberry Fool
ikea lamp
 This cute little lamp from Ikea would make a great bedside lamp as it's fairly simple. It would look great in a child's bedroom (but I want it for my room!). Unforunately, I don't think they're for sale anymore.
This adorable little guy is from Urban Outfitters and will responsibily alert you when your food is done. It would be great if he hooted, but he just buzzes.
These bookends are lovingly referred to as 'Ollie the owl'. I can picture them just chilling on my bookshelf, adding a little touch of 'cool' to my living room. (Plus it's almost like they're wearing little leather jackets). They are usually seen hanging around at the RSPB after school
This mug comes from zazzle, a great site I've just discovered that prints almost anything the size and way you want it. I like the 70s vibe of this mug.

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