Friday, 8 March 2013

School Direct Interview Number 2

I completed my second school direct primary interview at Northampton University on Wednesday. I had to teach a science lesson for 25 minutes. I did a dissolving experiment where the kids predict what will happen and then find out.

dissolving experiment

The lesson went ok. The children were engaged and responded well. I had 6 children, but I could easily have coped with more. They were raising their hands (which was so nice after teaching teenagers!) and wanted to answer questions... and I didn't have to tell them to put their phones away once, because they didn't have any! Bliss.

The lesson went to plan, although we finished a couple of minutes early. The children met the objectives and learnt the meaning of soluble and insoluble. I could probably have pushed their science knowledge futher about why things dissolve but I didn't want to aim too high considering they were Year 4 kids. The observers noticed my explanation of evaporation wasn't too great, but I stated that I was just signposting the next lesson and that wasn't part of my objectives. I had brought lesson plans and evaporation was on the lesson for next week, so I was giving a very basic idea when I said 'the water goes up in the air'. I probably should have planned what I was going to say then in a  bit more detail though.

I'm now waiting to hear if I got through. I applied for the salaried place, so they're very very difficult to get. The school basically employs you and pays for your training. If I don't get it, I will be a bit gutted, but everything usually turns out for the best so I'll take it as 'not meant to be'. I would miss the teenagers a little, although the kids were lovely and really keen to learn which was such a breath of fresh air.

Has anyone else had a school direct interview recently? How did you feel it went?

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