Thursday, 14 March 2013

I'm still waiting...

My fate is still resting in another person's hands. I haven't heard the result from the School Direct primary placement, and I'm scared. I would phone but I really don't want to find out at work, as I may cry a little and then have to go and teach gobby teenagers with blurry vision and red eyes... never a good idea.

So, tonight is probably the night when I either find out I am to be a primary teacher, or stay teaching GCSE English and Functional Skills for a college that has no idea what it is doing and makes staff feel horrific.


In other news, I was asked for feedback by the head of Teaching and Learning on my recent observation. I decided to be deadly honest and explain that I found the experience stressful, unrewarding as the person observing me did not have any knowledge of my subject, and that I didn't find it helpful. I recevied a reply back from the head of Teaching and Learning stating that it is meant to be a  developmental process. I think she wanted to give me a telling off for being negative. However, it is seen as negative by staff and I wanted her to know this. I just don't know if putting my neck on the line by being honest is always a good idea! What would you have done?

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Tall Slim Sally said...

I've seen it from the other side. One of my university lecturers is hopeless. She misses lots of sessions and when she does turn up everything seem unstructured as if she hasn't thought for more than five minutes about what she was going to teach in a two hour slot.