Monday, 18 March 2013

School Direct Primary: The Results

I was contacted by Northampton University on Saturday (well, that's when the letter arrived) to let me know if I had gotten on to the School Direct Primary Scheme.

northampton university

I couldn't look, so the boyfriend opened the letter while I shut my eyes. He read for about a minute and then said "well, it's not bad news." What does that mean?

He was right. It wasn't bad but it wasn't amazing exciting news either. Basically, I had been put on a reserve list for the salaried placement, but offered an unsalaried place regardless. It's great to think they want me and think I'm good enough, but without the salary I can't afford to do the course. With rent to pay, a new dog (we've still got him!) and saving to buy a house it just isn't possible to give up a year's pay.

Now I have the long wait to see if someone doesn't take up their place, plus the added issue of whether or not I accept the PGCE place. If I say I don't want it, that would also give up my chance of salaried as they just said they would change the offer to salaried but my main school would be the same. Right now, they'll be organising a school that fits my interests and location and I don't want them to stop doing that. I also don't want to keep the place to the last minute and then drop out because I haven't been offered salaried, because at what point do I give up waiting? Would someone possibly drop out in September after I'd given up the place in August?

I plan to phone one of the organisers this morning to discuss the issue with them. Has anyone else ever been put on a reseve list? Did you get in? Any ideas what my chances are?

Please keep your fingers crossed for me lovely readers!!

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