Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Onwards and upwards

So, I am on the reserve list for the salaried primary PGCE. There are 5 of us on the list, and I don't know where abouts on it I rank. So fingers crossed that comes good, and I'm offered a place (with all my training paid for!)

If not, I am considering my other options. I have an interview on Monday for a job teaching learners with PMLD (Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties). I have experience of teaching those with learning difficulties before, but not those with profound and multiple difficulties. It's at a residential place that also has education and lessons for the students.

I have to teach a lesson about friendship to a group of 8 students with profound and multiple learning difficulties, for 45 minutes. I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do! It's difficult to understand what level the students will be working at, as it says they use a range of communication devices - so their motor skills may be affected, and their ability to communicate. This rules out anything that requires: jumping around, shouting out or writing, as it would be inclusive.

I am thinking of reading out a story about friendship and having them hold up green or red cards to say whether the behaviour in the story is good or bad (positive or negative). This is something they should all be able to join in, and if possible I can encourage a bit of conversation.

I'm hoping to bring in something sensory, or that they can grab or feel, but not sure how I could link it into the topic of friendship. Perhaps I can make some cards and they can put them into categories - positive behaviour or negative behaviour to use with your friends. It's a tricky one!

Does anyone else have any experience of teaching entry level 1 learners with disabilities? Any clues as to what I can plan for my group?

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