Thursday, 21 March 2013

Poorly Boyfriend

My boyfriend is not very well at the moment. He's caught a sickness bug off his grandfather, who is in hospital at the moment. I don't think it's anything too serious.

Unfortunately, I'm not the most sympathetic of girlfriends. This, coupled with his ability to dramatise the slightest sore throat and act as if he is the only person who has ever felt slightly under the weather makes me even less likely to wait on him hand on foot. I think part of the reason is, I am rarely ill. When I am ill, I don't wallow in my illness but instead try to use time productively. Although the symptoms of being ill are always horrid, I think from time to time it's nice to have a good illness and to be able to sit on the sofa feeling sorry for yourself- I haven't had that for ages.

In an attempt to force myself to be sympathetic, just in case I come down with the same thing straight after, I have been trying to be kind and look after him, a little bit. These are some things, in an ideal world, that you could think about doing to cheer up your significant other when they are feeling ill:

1) Walk the dog. This is the main thing I've been doing. It takes ages, and I would really love a day off and to say 'it's your turn, I want to get in my pyjamas!', but I have struggled on, trying not to show my dissapointment that he's still not feeling up to taking the dog out instead of me. I'm probably not particularly good at this - because the boyfriend would probably tell you that he knows full well I don't want to go, and that he's in for a few nights walking the dog while I put my feet up once he's better.

2) Offering cups of tea, or drinks, or food. It's not my fault that he's too ill to take me up on the offers, but at least I ask!

3) Offering hot water bottles and blankets. Unfortunately he's too hot most of the time to agree to this, but it's nice to be asked.

4) Give him some quiet time. I am one to get a bit lonely when left alone too much, but I've been trying my best to give him some space to sleep and wallow in his unfortunate state.

5) Don't judge. Even though he's gross at the moment, I still tell him he's lovely.

Ok, I'm not exactly getting up an hour early and making him a breakfast in bed or preparing his lunch for him so he doesn't have to bother, but I'm just not that type of girl (and I struggle to get up in the morning). I may think about making him a nice fresh soup for tomorrow though. How do you care for your partner when they're ill, or do you just leave them alone to get on with it?

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