Monday, 22 April 2013

Embrace your quirks

Recently I've been living a rural lifestyle. I've been walking the dog at the weekends around the countryside without a second thought to how I'm looking. Half the time I haven't even bothered wearing makeup. It's been nice.

However, a couple of days ago I felt the urge to shop. I hadn't felt it for ages, but I finally got a niggling feeling that forced me to log on to the nearest computer and look at items I might like to buy. I found there were lots, and I was especially drawn to the quirkiest items I could find. At first, I sensibly thought, "you're a grown woman, these are not for you", but then I changed my mind. How much longer will I be young enough to pull off a quirky item of clothing? I'm 26 now (although I still get asked for ID most times I buy alcohol), so I've got 3 more years at the very most. So, amongst my sensible and classic purchases, I decided to embrace my inner geek, channel Zooey Deschanel, and buy the ditsy items I was lusting after.

Here's what I bought:

bunny asos shoes
Bunny flats - Asos £25

black asos dress
Asos mini dress - £17.50

donkey jumper
Asos Donkey sweater - £42

oasis asos
Oasis - stripe top £28

asos bee jumper
Urban outfitters - bee jumper £42

I am so excited for the bunny shoes! I'm off work sick today, and I can feel the shopping urge creeping in. However, I think my bank account would feel better if I logged off for a while. Let me know what you think of my quirky purchases!

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