Sunday, 28 April 2013

Why why why?

Remember my sofa: my favourite thing in my house. The thing I spent the most money on because I love love love it.

Well, the dog we have been landed with by my boyfriend's sister has chewed the arm off it. I am devastated. I cried. Not only is it hundred's of pounds of damage: I loved that sofa!

I guess it's our fault really. He was left in the house while we were at work (although the dog walker came half way through and gave him an hour walk). To make matters worse, the dog walker left a note that day saying that the dog had been perfect. Salt in the wound.

So, we've contacted John Lewis, who told us the name of the people who supply the sofas. It turns out they are in Nottingham. I emailed them asking if we could buy some offcuts of the fabric the sofa is made from. Fingers crossed they email back and say they can! I have also emailed a repair shop and they said they can do it if I can get the fabric.

It's all such a pain though. I keep thinking, couldn't he have just have chewed a cushion, or a shoe, or a rug? Why the sofa!!?? I just hope we can get it fixed for less than the cost of a new one, and that we can get the same fabric. It'll be weird if it has one arm in another leather. 

The one good thing is if it is fixed, and looks as good as new, I'll probably be more protective it and love it more than I did. That really is clutching at straws though!

Has a pet ever destroyed something you really love?

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