Monday, 29 April 2013

New favourite app

So I have an app called Appsgonefree which tells you the latest apps that used to cost money but are now free. It's mostly rubbish (loads of list-making apps or photo editors), but occasionally there is a real gem. At first it was Swordigo, a great little platform game. Then Enscripted, a quote-solving game. Now I'm hooked on Dragon Island Blue.

Dragon Island Blue is basically Pokemon, but on the iphone. It starts off looking a little basic and unrefined, but once you've played it for 20 minutes, I promise you'll be hooked. If you have played Pokemon you know the aim is to capture new monsters and travel through the levels. This game is exactly the same, whilst requiring you to defeat bosses and also having daily challenges to gain 'eggs' where you get a free gift- often a stronger monster.

I'm probably not their target market- being a girl, but the game really is my kind of thing. I like games that revolve around collecting and where it isn't possible to die. 

Apparently they are making a new game coming up soon called Hunter Island, so those of you who already play this game, keep an eye out! Sadly quite excited to play it!!! Ok, before you say it, I admit it, I am a geek.

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