Monday, 6 May 2013

Are two dogs better than one?

So, since the sofa issue, I've been wondering: Are two dogs better than one?

My dog isn't left for too long on his own each day because we have a dog walker, but sometimes he will have to go the whole day as we can't afford a dog walker every day. It's not ideal, and we didn't really choose to have a dog, we just took him off someone who couldn't cope and found a way to cope ourselves. I do feel guilty leaving him and I wonder, would he like a little friend?

I've been weighing up pros and cons to deciding to get another pet:

  • Obviously, they may get on very well and my dog wouldn't be lonely when he's left alone.
  • They would have each other to play with.
  • We already go on lots of walks, so that wouldn't be an issue.
  • There are so many dogs in rescue homes that we could offer a great home to.
  • I love dogs, and would love a cuddly little one.
  • The dogs might fight.
  • Both dogs might feel lonely when we're out.
  • More money spent on food, insurance vets, dog walkers and toys.
  • The rescue home might say no because we both work.

It's so hard to tell without trying, but once inviting a dog into my home I wouldn't be able to give it up.  Pets are like family.

Another issue is that all the dogs in rescue homes seem to be Staffordshire Bull Terriers. It seems there are hundreds of them in rescue homes that nobody wants. However, I would prefer to have a smaller, calmer dog to join my current dog. Yet, I don't want to have to fight others for that dog from rescue, because it seems to defeat the point by rescuing a dog that everyone else wants. There are also a lot of lurchers, that might be an option.

I have discovered an alternative. There are many rescue charities who take in Spanish street dogs who are at-risk, and fly them to England, or all over Europe, in an effort to find them a loving home. They have a lot more choice in terms of breed, and due to being street dogs the animals seem to be a lot calmer and have road-sense, whereas many rescue dogs are difficult to walk on the lead. A bit of training would help with both though.

I don't know if I would feel guilty getting a rescue dog from abroad. Yet, they're all dogs in need of a home, and there seem to be a lot of them in Spain who have been waiting for a home for a long time. The company sorts out the transport themselves but you pay a higher adoption fee. Another issue is you can't meet the pet before you commit, because it's flown over just to be rehomed with you. I'm not completely sure how it works though.

Below are some of the dogs available to rescue from Spain. these ones are from a company called dogwatchuk. They are gorgeous!


Has anyone rescued a dog before? What was your experience? Do you have one dog or two?

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