Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sunshine.. at last!

So today was the first sunny day in what feels like forever. In fact, Thursday and Friday were quite sunny but because I was at work I couldn't enjoy them. It was so nice to feel the sun on my face! I took the dog for a lovely walk.

great glen walk

I spent most of the day in the garden preparing for our BBQ tomorrow. I tided the garden, mowed the lawn, cleaned the conservatory and the downstairs toilet. Unfortunately the boyfriend was feeling ill (again) and was in bed for most of the afternoon, but he did appear and helped me for a few hours.

We've bought absolutely tonnes of food for barbeque - sausages, burgers, kebabs, coronation chicken, potato salad, pork belly pieces and chicken wings. However, my boyfriend has some of his mates coming over, and they're big eaters, so we might not even have enough!

A couple of my friends are coming, but some have done the age-old trick of completing not replying to my messages. That's the problem with texts, they can be ignored. I'm not worrying too much, but there are some people that I haven't seen for a while who I'd love to see. Most people make plans for bank holiday weekend though, so I'm not too upset.

So, in preparation of the big BBQ, I'm off to make chocolate brownies. If I happen to eat a couple before then, well, they've got to be tested don't they.

Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine!

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