Saturday, 8 June 2013

Fake Plenty of Fish profile

My boyfriend and I met on Plenty of Fish, and he's a real catch (pun intended), so we set up a Plenty of Fish profile for his friend a few days ago (with his permission). We used his photos and put some things on his profile that were true about him. We messaged a couple of girls on his behalf to get things rolling, and then he took it from there. He was a bit embarrassed that we told a girl that he liked the Spice Girls, but he's planning to go on a date with her soon so he can't be that upset! He lacked the confidence to get things started himself, so a little help went a long way.

Well, these thing are addictive, and my boyfriend and I decided to put up a fake profile as a bit of research today.  I know it's wrong and a bit unethical, and so I only left it up for a few hours. I feel it would be wrong to talk to anyone for an extended period of time as they would clearly be getting their hopes up for a date. From the things I put on it, I genuinally didn't think anyone would talk to me, but unfortunately, they did.

I used a photo of a very pretty blonde girl from the internet. I think she works in the media, and it's a fairly accessible photo so hopefully I wasn't targeting anyone who would feel particularly upset or surprised if they did find out.  

I was trying to test the theory that 'if you're pretty, men will talk to you even if you break all the dating rules'. These rules of course being: don't look too desperate, don't be too intense, don't have extreme views, don't send two messages in one go and don't talk about marriage. 

On the Plenty of Fish profile it said:
  • I want to get married
  • I expect men to pay for everything
  • I like to walk my dog
  • I am a waitress

In the time I was on there I only messaged a couple of men as I started to feel quite bad. The messages came in to 'Kimmie' very quickly, from a range of men. I responded to these messages with terrible grammar, spelling and in text speak. Still they replied. Here are some of the things I said to these men:
  • I want to be married in the next two years because my friend had a great wedding and I want one too
  • What is your ex's name?
  • Was your ex pretty?
  • Do you want to be married?
  • Do you own your own house?
  • Do you want children? (these questions were asked in the first four messages)
  • I messaged twice in a row, almost directly after I'd sent a message saying 'not replying then?'
  • I'd been out of a relationship for three weeks

Every time, any man I was talking to replied, with seemingly normal responses, but keen to get a reply. They weren't put off by the intense questions, rude attitude or pressure regarding commitment. 

Ok, you could say, obviously they were idiot men looking for sex. Possibly, but some of them looked completely normal, and some of them I messaged first, picking men that looked like they were on the lookout for an intelligent, normal girl, and still they fell for the trap. I guess the conclusion is, either 1) men will take crap from a woman because she is pretty and they so desperately want a pretty girlfriend, or 2) men will put up with a seemingly crazy pretty girl because they want to have sex with her. Any ideas which it is? Either way- it's pretty depressing.

And yes, I know it was wrong and slightly unethical, but I'm pretty sure no one's feelings were too hurt in the space of a few hours.

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