Monday, 10 June 2013

Happy New Home!

We put in an offer on the house we wanted (and conincidently the first one we saw - but location is everything), and it has been accepted!!

There were already 4 offers on the table, but we offered slightly higher, and we agreed to use their mortgage consultant. We have got the house.

Since getting the house I have mostly been looking at:
  • Kitchen designs on pinterest
  • Bathroom designs for small bathrooms
  • The order of rennovating a property. We will need to rewire, then put central heating in, then replaster, then start to decorate.
  • Put together the expenses and where our budgets are. It seems to add up, phew.
I'm so excited to get the house and start work, but it will be the boring things first before we get to start deciding layout or decorating areas. It's going to be mental!

Here are our plans:

  1. Strip the previous wallpaper off the walls (see photo of the lounge)
  2. Rewire the property (decide where plug sockets will be, and perhaps new lighting/spotlights)
  3. Walls plastered
  4. Central heating/boiler in the property, with radiators (hopefully double radiators so they take up less room)
  5. New windows throughout the property
  6.  Decorate walls in lounge. Engineered wood (or laminate) in lounge and hall. Save money
  7. Move bathroom upstairs (change room layouts to accomodate small bathroom) - not sure if plumbing needs to be done for this when the central heating is going in... need to look into that! We can't afford to do this for a while anyway.
  8. Redecorate upstairs
  9. A new kitchen in the existing room but also using the space where the bathroom used to be for a dining area. Small toilet in the corner accessed via the kitchen or hall.
  10. Decorate kitchen/dining room
  11. Landscape the garden- change slabs for grass and plant flowers.
  12. By then we'll be exhausted, and will be happy just to live in the house for a while!
I'm hoping all this work will increase the property value by at least £20,000. Have a look at some photos of the current rooms in the house. Much work to be done!

 The lounge
 Retro kitchen
 Front bedroom
 Second bedroom - with antique wardrobe and chest
 Downstairs bathroom
 Little wooden lean-to at the back
 Garden (and next door's greenhouse)
The back of the house from the garden

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