Thursday, 4 July 2013

A crematorium and cemetery in Great Glen? I hope not.

Last night we received a leaflet from the Co-Operative (a group I like because of their big push on Fairtrade products) stating that they want to build a crematorium and cemetery in Great Glen, the village I live in (renting) and that I am buying a house in. In fact, it's exactly where I walk my dog each morning and evening and where my dog walker chums walk theirs. It's at the end of a gorgeous little country road in Great Glen.

orchard lane great glen
Orchard Lane

There's an event where we can see the plans on the 16th of July, but I'm starting to hope that other residents aren't keen on the plans. When I walked where it is propsed this morning a lady from BBC radio Leicester was interviewing one of the residents of Orchard Lane about the plans (my dog recognised her and jumped all over her and the interviewer right in the middle: oops!).

The entrance to the site is literally only feet away from people's homes. The lane is only small and it would be very difficult to bring funeral cars down there. There are other options for the planners, but are they any better?

I know there needs to be a crematorium somewhere, but I have some big concerns:

  • I love to walk my dog on that route and I won't be able to anymore (and I know lots of people who have been walking their dogs down there for years). I see the same people walking there every day and they're a great bunch
  • It's the only way I know that residents of Great Glen can walk to the canal, and it would be a real shame if we couldn't walk there from the village
  • Residents of Orchard Lane may face more traffic
  • The whole village could face more traffic
  • It could affect house prices
I don't wish to over dramatise the situation, but it would make a big difference to my daily routine and I think it would change the way I see the village. Those fields and the walk down there are gorgeous and part of the reason I wanted to live in a rural area; I see them as an extension of the village where I live. There have already been brand new houses built all over Great Glen affecting the village atmosphere. There are also plans to build new student accomodation nearby. I can't help but think Great Glen is changing and I'm not sure it's a good thing.

What are your views about the plans?

How would you react to changes where you live?


Tall Slim Sally said...

I live in a university town and there isn't much scope for changing things round where I live. I'm living in the house I inherited when Mum and Dad were killed. Keeping me company are three friends who are on the same course as me. Fairly modern, 4 bedroomed detached although as things are we only use two of them!

Kevin Feltham said...

I am Kevin Feltham, the local county councillor, and there alternative locations being discussed by the county council. There does seem to be a need for a crematorium south of Leicester, but this proposed location is too near the village, has inadequate access and is also next to a school with 3-13 age group children. I encourage folk to go to village hall on 16th and 17th July to see the plans. However, an alternative location not on Co-op land and several miles south west of Great Glen is expected to be announced this summer. Contact me also with your views:

Linguipod said...
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Linguipod said...
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Jo said...

Hello, I live in Great Glen, and I'm really concerned about this too. Not only will it spoil the area, as you said, but also I feel the proximity to the school and to houses is distasteful. I have already written to our local councillor (his e-mail is in the post above), and also to our MP Sir Edward Garnier. I also plan on going to the village hall on 16th and 17th July to voice my concerns and it is really important that other people do too. I have set up a facebook group to help us here, with some more information: Please take a look and tell as many people as possible to object to this. We can make a difference if we act together, but we must act!

Lucinda Harrington said...

Thanks for your replies, they're great to see. I have spoken to a few people in the village and was surprised that a lot of them were for the cemetery. I think they see it as preferable to new houses being built there - which is true. I'll wait till I've seen the plans and ask some questions at the exhibition, but I do think there are better places to have it.

Jo said...

Hi Lucinda, I'm really surprised that people could hold the view that a crematorium would be preferable to houses!! That is certainly not the view of the people I have spoken to. Anyway it's not a question of getting either one or the other. The issue here is, do we want this on our doorstep? I think the reality of seeing hearses driving every day and the disruption to traffic that will cause will be immense and will affect everybody. The school next door takes children as young as 3 - they don't need to be bombarded by this every day, neither does the village. The way the land is and the roads around makes it doubtful that they would be able to get planning permission there anyway as I can't see they'd get access! I hope people don't let the Co-op pull the wool over their eyes. I just received a letter from a residents group today saying almost the same thing. It's good a lot of people are standing up to fight this. I hope that a lot of people will turn out next week.

Jo said...

Apparently, there is wildlife on that site (great crested newt- one of the most protected species in Britain), which would also mean it would be difficult to get planning permission for houses there.

Lucinda Harrington said...

I received the letter through door. I will be writing to the names specified letting them know my concerns.

Mark said...

I have lived all my married life in and around the village in 4 different houses, now almost 30 years. I have seen it change and the families grow together. Like the owner of this blog, I too walk up Orchard Lane regularly and no one I have spoken too is in support of the plans.
It troubles me to see that the co-op seem intent on blotting the local landscape of our village either with an eco village (deceased -phew!) or this regardless of the effect on the local inhabitants. I can see and understand the need for a new crematorium but next to a school and close to residential houses in any village is not acceptable. I am keeping a close watch on the Countesthorpe application that until today 27-9, seems destined to succeed. I pity the complainants there but as there is already a graveyard etc in place, surely an extension to this site is more logical, especially as there is no school adjacent and the houses closest to the proposal are already next to the existing site. It may be hooray for us but I have an awful suspicion that there will be a twist in the tail for us. Apparently the Co op version could also be approved as it is under a different council. Has anyone from the Co-op been to the village green after a torrential downpour ? If they had they would see the inadequacy of the flood alleviation scheme which would be further stressed by building a crematorium or anything in the proposed position. The run off would come straight down London Road and fill the Greyhound Pub and local properties even quicker !!
Why cant the Co op find something more sympathetic and acceptable to do with the land around us ?

Lucinda Harrington said...

Thanks for your comment, Mark. Some points I hadn't even thought of! I hope it is a positive outcome for Great Glen and the crematorium is placed elsewhere.