Friday, 5 July 2013

Glenstock 2013

In my local village they have a few community events. They have a wheelbarrow race, lots of films and events at the village hall, Zumba classes, and best of all.... Glenstock!


This weekend (July 6th) will be my first Glenstock. The things that are mostly attracting me are the ale tent, live music and sunshine. Who says you need to travel hundreds of miles to Glastonbury and pay hundreds of pounds to get a great festival experience. I can have it all in a ten minute walk from my house! I can spend the day drinking in the sun and stroll home drunk and flop into bed. Golden!

This year Glenstock festival has an Evenessence tribute band, a BBQ, fire performers (I don't think these are connected) and people on stilts! If you're not into drinking and music and you have young children, or you don't, there will be lots of children's activities too.

The line up, confirmed on allevent website is:

Dan Freestone
Fallen – A tribute to Evanescence
Joe Public
Tristan Maxted
Elizabeth Cornish
Guilty Pleasures
Corinna Jane

If you are coming, I hope to see you there! I'll be the girl with a drink in one hand, a hot dog in the other, and a German Shepherd dog by my feet (and obviously a gorgeous boyfriend by my side!).

Be prepared for lots of Glenstock photos next week. Hope to see you there!

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