Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Great Glen Co-Op Crematorium Exhibition

So, it's the Co-Op exhibition tonight at the town hall in Great Glen where we can hear about the plans for the crematorium. I'm going to visit after work and ask a few questions (assuming there's someone there to answer them). I imagine they'll put up some fancy images showing the building and some statistics.

I'm not sure how it has been received so far. I received a letter through my door convincing members of the village to argue against the plans, and there is a poster near the area convincing people of the same. Other than that it's difficult to know whether the majority are for or against the plans, particularly if they are convincing that there will be jobs available.

I was concerned that houses would be built on the land instead. In talking to some others it's become clear that due to flooding the area it's very very unlikely that houses would be built there.

Anyway, to get my head round it I'll outline the key arguments and state my personal views on each point.

  1. It's near a school and children will be upset seeing hearses go past all the time. To be honest, it's not that near the schools and I don't think children would particulary care about seeing hearses. Children generally aren't as disturbed by death as adults are in my opinion and they would quickly get used to the sight of funeral cars.
  2. Traffic will increase in the village.  The village is fairly small and doesn't have many through roads so I agree that this could be an issue. They have said funerals would finish at 4pm, so it might not affect rush hour. People are concerned that families would be visiting graves at any time increasing traffic. I don't think this would be a big issue. However, I think there is enough traffic in Great Glen at the moment and any more would be a negative for the village particularly as cars would have to drive through the centre.
  3. It could increase business in the village. I imagine the two pubs that are close to the spot would improve in business due to being used to after the funeral get-togethers. That would be a plus for local business. However, it might also spoil the country feel of the pubs or make them less accessible. As far as I know neither pub has a function room ready for funeral groups.
  4. It could increase jobs. I don't imagine it would have a massive impact on jobs for those living in the village as it is a fairly specialist industry. It could however impact on the funeral home already in Great Glen. I'm not sure if it would impact in a positive or negative way though.
  5. It will look tasteful and modern. It may well look tasteful and modern, but the fields that are already there look pretty beautiful already.
  6. The land already there is being wasted. It's not my land so I can't really comment on how much it costs to keep this land. I don't think any crops are currently being grown in the fields there. There are a few cows kept in the field there which uses that land. Part of the land seems to be linked to a house at the top of the hill and I can't imagine they would be over excited at the thought a cemetery (or perhaps car park) at the end of their garden. The land is much used by local dog walkers, and we love it!

I think it's clear to see that I would rather not have the crematorium in place. Obviously I'm biased, and would love to continue using the land to walk on and enjoy. I walk there every day and it was a big part of the reason I wanted to move to Great Glen as it's the only place I can really walk my dog without the fear of him chasing sheep. I'll try and take some photos of the exhibition so I can share with you what it showed.

If you're interested to see a similar situation, my Mum lives near to a village called Lambley in Nottingham where they have exactly the same issue. They want to build on the Lambley Dumbles, which is a lovely walk in the local area. If you're interested, here is some more information... Lambley opposition and Lambley details. Perhaps we could work together and write to each other's councils to increase the number of votes against the new plans?!

What are your personal reasons for wanting, or not wanting, a crematorium in Great Glen?
If you don't live in Leicester, how would you feel if they were building in your local area?


Tall Slim Sally said...

People want, or at least need, a crematorium. They just don't want it anywhere near them.

People want, or at least need,new affordable houses. They just don't want them anywhere too close.

It must be hell being a planner!

Lucinda Harrington said...

True. It's the problem with England becoming so over crowded. They are cramming new houses in everywhere!

Anonymous said...

The Co-op is misleading people. No one is denying the need for crematoria and we are not trying to push this into anyone else's back yard. The Co-op own a lot of land around this village. They could site it elsewhere in the vicinity, but they have chosen a site which will have a huge impact on a community in terms of traffic.
The siting next to a school which has children as young as three is daft. Not merely from the point of view of the children witnessing funeral processions every day, but also from the point of view of mourners:schools are not quiet places!!

The Co-op's plans for future development are also worrying as the own two adjacent fields. If they get their initial plans passed, they could extend the site in the future.

Anonymous said...

This site is next to a school. This will cause traffic chaos in that area. Even modern crematoriums have emissions, which although regulated and invisible, cannot claim to be harmless.

I live in Great Glen and have friends who teach at that school. Their jobs are at risk. As far as employment is concerned, the school employs about 50 people. It is an independent school and parents who pay fees have a choice. This could close that school. How many people are employed at a crematorium, I wonder?!

Anonymous said...

Talk to the Landlord of The Old Greyhound Inn. I think you might be interested to hear his views. As I understand it, he and the owner are totally opposed to this idea.

Anonymous said...

The Co-op's exhibition was a farce. The representatives clearly knew very little about Great Glen. They relied on pretty pictures and had very few facts. For example, on the boards it said there would be 60 extra vehicles a day, but the reps could not say how that figure had been reached. One rep was quoting 200 vehicles a day. Do they really know?
I think the traffic will be horrendous. The Grammar school has had an impact and they are currently building more houses.
The bypass was built to improve the traffic flow through the village and also to improve air quality.
The Co-op's questionnaire was biased and confusing.
Their plans had changed since they sent the information round the village.
These people are trying to mislead us. They did not show the chimney on their pretty pictures.

I am not a Nimby but the Co-op has chosen a dreadful site and the effect on the area will be disasterous.