Thursday, 25 July 2013

Selling used underwear? Yes, it's a real thing!

I was looking around on the internet (when I was supposed to be doing my essay, standard) and stumbled across a money-making venture. Apparently women are making good money selling used underwear to people online. The draws are that you don't have to show your face so it is anonymous, and it's money for old rope (well, old pants). 

I genuinely couldn't bring myself to include some of the photos I found.

Basically all young women need to do is set up an account and advertise through websites like ebay or gumtree (although I'm yet to see any evidence of it for sale). There are also websites set up especially for women to sell their underwear through them. Apparently after loading the advert many women are bombarded with emails from men desperate to buy their soiled items. People also apparently want to purchase used socks too (why?), and even more intimate used feminine hygiene products (yuck!). According to women who have sold their underwear, men often ask for photos of them wearing the underwear, or ask for specific requirement, such as the underwear having been worn for a certain amount of time.

I'm sorry to gross you all out, but if you're a regular reader of my blog you'll know I have a morbid fascination with weird things. However, this is going too far for even me. Although no-one is being harmed and this kind of practice doesn't put anyone in any real danger, it just seems disturbingly perverse. I was well aware that some people are into weird things, but I can't actually see any reason they would enjoy this. The thought of my boyfriend's smelly boxers does not make me excited. Instead I think, ugh, wash day again.

If you want to read more about selling underwear (that is definitely not a recommendation to do it) from the point of view of someone who does it, you can read a fairly comprehensive article about this here.

What do you think of women selling their used underwear?


Tall Slim Sally said...

You might be amazed by the number of "employment opportunities" that I hear about at university. Being paid to be filmed while somebody canes you appeared on the noticeboard just this week!!

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