Saturday, 17 August 2013

Cheap vs expensive

Yesterday I decided 'I want some loafers' and quickly became obsessed with finding the perfect pair of slouchy, yet quality loafers. Then, when I found exactly what I wanted, I realised that I'd have to pay a premium for the item, compared to cheap copies on eBay.

Time and time again I do this. Visualise an item I want, find it, then buy a cheaper version. Then, become slightly disappointed with my wardrobe of Primark and H&M items. 

Should I be spending the money and buying quality items? The reason I don't is because I'm scared I'll get equally as bored with the item if I spend £70 rather than £17. Also, I'm not sure paying more for something always means it lasts longer. 

So here is the item in question at the moment: 

vintage loafers

vintage loafers
These are Manas loafers. They cost £66. They're so much more gorgeous than some of the cheaper versions of loafers that I've seen. They've got that fantastic vintage aged look, whilst being new and strong.

So, what would you do? Spend the money, or make do with a cheaper version of the item? With £66 I could do a week's food shopping. Yet, I work hard and I want to enjoy my money, and I could probably afford them; let's face it, they're not exactly hugely expensive Sex and the City £500 heels.

I need advice people!


Anonymous said...

i think for things like shoes and bags you want to be paying more money for them (you can always get shoes re-heeled) plus the hurt less and, most of the time, last longer.

thanks for the tweet :)

Lucinda Harrington said...

I'm so close to buying them, but I'm scared because I can't try them on first!