Saturday, 31 August 2013

New job!

Just a short post today.

(My god I have freakishly small fingers!!!)

After two years of moaning about the poor management of my workplace and the problems, including:

Nepotism (principal's wife only one interviewed for one job and all his former colleagues being given management positions)
Lack of planning impacting on results (GCSE being taught in 1.5 hours a week resulted in poor results subsequently blamed on teachers)
One-size-fits-all approach to lessons (1.5 hour long lessons for all subjects- way too long for some, too short for others)
Difficult work environment (people consistently knowing each other's business. Stressful observation procedure. The list goes on...)

So, finally, I can say GOOD RIDDANCE to a work place that offered me no support and no career development opportunities. I know other colleagues have moved to this college and have reported back that they are much happier.

I am working at my current place of work until 27th October and then I'm free to go on with my life in hopefully better working conditions. Hooray for me!

So hopefully you won't be subjected to as many post whining about my terrible views of my workplace. How do you view your workplace? 


Gillian said...

Congratulations! I was on a PGCE placement where it was an incredibly difficult professional environment too, and it makes your work so difficult when it is already.

Glad to hear you've found something new, good luck at your new school!

Tall Slim Sally said...

Well done. I guess that the best way to deal with a bad employer is to walk away from them.

Anonymous said...

In the nicest way possible, that school sounds a bit higgle di piddley and your too good of a teacher to be working there!

All the best with your new job :)

Zoe xo

Lucinda Harrington said...

Thanks for your lovely comments! I am so looking forward to a new start in a more organised place!