Friday, 20 September 2013

A post about tea

As this blog is called putting the TEA in teacher, I thought I would write a post about tea.

In particular, my favourite tea, the king of teas.... fanfare please..... Twinings English Breakfast tea.

This is my favourite type of tea (and coincidently, Karl Pilkington's). It's strong, but not thick (doesn't look like pond water) and has a fresh taste. I have done a taste test, as my boyfriend didn't believe that tea tastes different from a different brand, and I picked out the English Breakfast tea with ease.

Twinings tea is a little more expensive, so when it's on offer I stock up. It's also may Mum's favourite tea. Just to add: this blog post is not endorsed or paid for by Twinings, it's just my own personal preference. However, should anyone from Twinings read this, feel free to send me boxloads of free tea!

What's your favourite brand of tea?


Michelle Outside London said...

Howdy ma'am, I made it over here from last nights #lbloggers chat. Love the blog but have to disagree-Yorkshire Tea is definitely the best! Good brew that! M x
Life Outside London Blog

Lucinda Harrington said...

Hi Michelle,

Each to their own! A lot of my friends will drink Yorkshire Tea, and Yorkshire Tea only!

Thanks for visiting!

William Winston said...

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Natalie Gigi Wong said...

All the Twinings collection were on sale in Tesco last week!
...I bought a lot!

And boots have a new twinings tea cup cosy and a selection of Twinings tea - including English breakfast tea on their Christmas Catalogue.
So excited:D

Lucinda Harrington said...

That is definitely going on the Christmas list natalie!!!