Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Blogging makes you a more positive person

I firmly believe that writing a blog makes you a more positive person. Why do I think this? Here are five reasons:

1. You have to think about your reader.

When I'm writing a post, I often think, what would a reader think of this? If it's a long and negative piece of writing, I either scrap it, or change it to make it more positive. I don't imagine my readers want to read about me whining but without offering any solutions. Blogging forces me to change my thought process to make it more appealing.

2. You can have your say.

Sometimes in life, people don't listen to you. This is frustrating and a big reason why lots of employers have unhappy workers. It's important to feel heard. My blog lets me have my say without being interrupted. It lets me get what's bothering me out of my system.

3. It's time well spent.

Sitting around and watching television is a great way to relax. Yet, I hate feeling like I'm wasting time. If I spend 20 minutes writing a blog post in the evening, I feel like I've achieved something with my time rather than throwing it away. Not everyone will enjoy reading my blog, but some do, and this makes writing this blog completely worthwhile.

4. It's a way to focus your thoughts.

In renovating my house, I've used my blog to centre my thoughts and document changes I want to make to the house. Writing posts helps me to think about the enjoyable parts of renovation - the pretty decor and inventive use of colour!

5. You connect with other positive people.

If there's one thing I've noticed about other bloggers, it's that they all seem to be really upbeat and happy people! Mixing with people like that (even if it's just through social media) is surely going to keep your spirits up! You cheer me up you lovely people.

So there you have it; five reasons why blogging is good for your mental health. What do you love about blogs?

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