Tuesday, 17 September 2013

One big blog, or more than one blog?

When writing a blog, it's difficult to make the decision 'what will my blog be about?'. There are so many types of blogs about:
  • food blogs
  • home decor blogs
  • beauty blogs
  • fashion blogs
  • educational blogs
  • sports blogs
  • lifestyle blogs
  • wedding blogs
  • mummy blogs
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That's just the tip of the iceberg! Obviously each of these blogs has a different type of reader, and a different style of writing. I personally think my blog is a lifestyle blog, with some home decor and fashion thrown in now and then. Yet, should I be more streamlined than that?

Blogging is about pleasure and I don't want to limit what I write about. However, sometimes I think it would be easier to get sponsors and market myself to others if I narrowed down my writing. If I did do this, the plan would be to create a number of blogs, but commit a smaller amount of time to each blog. I could write one for English students with resources and guidance, and keep one as a renovation blog. The worry I have is, would I divide my time too much and end up not blogging at all? Every other area of my life is timetabled, do I want to make blogging the same?

Other bloggers - what do you do? Do you commit to one type of writing, or divide your time effectively? What works best for you?


Tall Slim Sally said...

I am trying to do my past, present and future blog all in one. But then there is an overarching theme which is how I coped with a double parental bereavement. I think over-fragmenting your blog would be a mistake.

duck in a dress said...

I think it'd class mine as just a (ubiquitous) lifestyle blog. Occasionally I throw in an outfit or craft post but they're fairly few and far between.

When I started blogging everyone said to find a niche but I'm happy just writing about what I get up to - and if other people want to read it, well then that's great! :-) x

Lucinda Harrington said...

That's good to hear that others think one blog can diverse. I do the same, throw in a coat if I've been thinking about coats, or a pillow if pillows are on my mind!