Friday, 6 September 2013

Our renovation project

It's starting to dawn on me what a big job we've taken on when we bought this house. It's such a shame we didn't spend a year saving, because although the mortgage is fairly low, we're going to need a lot of cash available for the work. To view the house in it's current state, click here.

This is the little beauty. It has three bedrooms upstairs, a downstairs bathroom and a small kitchen. We've decided to change the direction of the staircase, which would mean we could fit an extra room upstairs (bathroom) and then we could make the current bathroom into a dining room attached to the kitchen. 

So, the current plan is:
1. Builder bricks up hall window.
2. Carpenter reverses direction of stairs and adds stud walls to make new upstairs room (also needs to level floor where current landing is)
3. Electrician rewires property.
4. Plumber adds central heating and pipes to new bathroom.
5. Get bathroom tiled and fitted upstairs.
6. Remove bathroom downstairs and for toilet and sink under new stairs.
7. Knock through old bathroom wall into kitchen.
8. Change position of kitchen door to make kitchen diner.
9. Tile floor in kitchen diner. (Or laminate).
10. Cover ceiling with board and plaster in kitchen diner.
11. Add new window in dining are and double glaze whole property.
12. Fit new kitchen
13. Add laminate in hall and lounge.
14. Decorate property.

A lot bigger job than we first thought! The agent said if we out it on as it is we would make more money (we got a bargain) and if we do the double glazing and central heating we'd make £20,000 (minus the cost of this). So when the work is done we should definitely make money, but having the cash to do it is the hard part. Better start phoning the relatives..... 

Any thoughts or tips on the project? 


Tall Slim Sally said...

All I can say is gulp! I inherited a 4 bedroomed detached house when Mum and Dad were killed. Then as now I don't know much about DIY so all that has been done has been done by experts. The biggest job was altering Mum and Dad's bedroom into one for me. It was just too creepy and sad leaving it as it was when they were alive :(

Lucinda Harrington said...

Do you live there on your own? That must be a bit lonely.

When you're a bit older I bet you'll make more changes, but changing their room sounds like it was a good idea for you emotionally. Did you grow up there?

I don't feel old enough to be 'project managing' a house renovation, but then again a friend of mine who's a year younger just gave birth. I'd rather the house!

Jemma said...

Hi! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award!

More info here :)