Wednesday, 9 October 2013

How to take a great eBay seller photo

First things first, I'm not professing to be any sort of expert on eBay selling, nor do I do it a great deal. However I have noticed the difference between a good photo and a bad one when buying and selling my own items.

When I refer to a 'good' photo, I don't mean lighting and focus, although that comes into it. The best way to sell your items on eBay is to sell the lifestyle that comes with them, just as a magazine would. This is something many eBay sellers forget to do.

So, for example. My chair receiveded much more interest from eBay buyers when it was displayed like this: 

 Than this:

Although the lighting is also better in the first photo, what the first one does is to sell the use of the chair. Buyers can imagine snuggling up under the blanket and reading a book with a cup of tea. Of course I also include the plain photo, but your first photo of the item is the most important.

Similarly, instead of displaying a blank bookcase or one crammed with books, I displayed a few select pieces that show the bookcase at its best:

This shows the bookcase showcasing my best items and makes it look stylish and spacious.

It works the same way with clothes. You are more likely to sell an oversized mans shirt if it's being worn by a small vintage style girl as a dress than just hanging on a hanger. Putting some choice accessories and shoes to sell the look also increases your sale price. 

So don't forget, it's all about selling the lifestyle rather than selling the item. Be honest but also show the item in its best light in order to get the most interest.

 As you were.


Alexandra Jayne. x said...

This is a really good idea :)
Great post .. as always !
Love reading your blog!

Alex ox.

Lucinda Harrington said...

Thanks so much, Alexandra!