Friday, 11 October 2013

Latest wish- log burner

How my life is changed. I used to lust after vintage dresses and shoes. Now I lust after home items. I guess my priorities have changed in terms of where I spend my money. I would rather have a lovely home to get back to after a long day than another vintage dress. That's not to say I'm not bothered about clothes or looking good, but right now, home items is what excites me.

My boyfriend and my latest item of the wishlist is a wood burning stove, or log burner as they are sometimes called. I never considered this before my boyfriend suggested it, and now I really really want one. I've been looking on eBay, but unfortunately they hold their value quite well, but there are some new ones for around £200. The problem is, I worry that it is very much 'you get what you pay for', and we'd be better off spending more on a higher quality item.

It's difficult because in the back of my mind I have the idea that we'll be moving out on the next three or four years and I don't want to spend too much on the house if that's the case. However, if we don't end up moving out I don't want to live in a home I don't love. Spending a fair amount on good quality items will hopefully raise the price we could sell the house for, but I'm scared we won't get our money back.

So do we go for the cheaper wood burner options? Here are a few that you can get for under £300.

 Unbranded wood burner
 Unbranded wood burner
Unbranded wood burner
Or a better quality one for over £1000

 Firefox wood burner
Rosa Wood burner
I think with the cost of the flue, harth, fireplace and lining the more expensive ones are out of the question.
So my question really is, which of the better quality low price log burners? Does anyone have any answers?


Tall Slim Sally said...

Ah log burners. Nan and Granddad have one of these. They get through wood at one hell of a rate (wood is low calorific value compared with coal). I suspect the economics are worth checking out first!

Jonathan Hernandez said...

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