Tuesday, 17 December 2013

What a difference a carpet makes

I've been living without carpet for about 7 weeks now, and it's scary how much of an annoyance it is.

There's dust everywhere and the house is a complete mess. To top it off, all our furniture is in our lounge as we've been trying to keep upstairs empty for when the carpet goes down.

So tomorrow, the big day is here. We will be getting carpet put in upstairs. We bought the carpet from Carpetright and it cost about £1000 for the three upstairs rooms, landing and stairs, including the grippers and underlay.

Here's the carpet we've gone for. It's the Nordic Berber collection, in beige.

It's a fairly tough carpet designed for high traffic areas so I'm hoping it'll be ok with the dog and he can't damage it.

I'll post some photos once the carpet is in. I can't wait to be able to unpack properly upstairs and get my life back!!!!

This is what it should look like when it's in:

Exciting! How did you choose your carpets?


Alina said...

Carpet can totally change your home, not only coz it looks good but it adds warmth too! I think I'd always go for carpet for the whole of upstairs when I buy my first home :)

I'm sure Carpetright would LOVE to see this post & your future pics of their product so be sure to tweet this out to them via @carpetright! ;) looking forward to seeing ur pics of the redecoration!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to post randomly on an old post of yours, and having read through a few now congrats on the new job from one teacher to another - the place you work makes a *huge* difference to how you feel about it.

BUT! I am posting because as dog owner in a house that is in desperate need of new flooring (we were going engineered wood but a survey FUBAR means all savings must be conserved until we know better if the chimney is likely to fall off) how has your pooch coped with the berber? We are looking at this exact carpet you see and you are the only person I can find on the whole internet who has a dog and has installed this!

Sorry to bother you in your holidays!

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

or not holidays, it's FE? I forget that it's different

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Any more comments on your Nordic Berber? It is a year on and I am keen to hear your views as I am about to buy this?