Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Lucinda's Diary

January 1st 2014
New year's resolutions made: 4
New year's resolutions broken: 1

Happy New Year! I imagine, loyal readers, that for some time you have been thinking this blog is on its way out, and I am in the process of giving up. How wrong you are. Despite not updating the blog I have been internally discussing its future. Decided that the reason I have not been updating it is I don't feel it properly shows my personality. It's too serious. It needs a new feel.

For Christmas I received a copy of Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy. Despite it being heart-breakingly sad, I felt inspired to write for the first time in a long time. Feel I am in fact a flawed-heroine, with similarities to Bridget Jones. To re-inspire self have decided to write blog as if Bridget Jones diary to give self jumping off point for re-direction of blog style.

Importantly, have made New Years Resolution to make this year far more exciting than horror that was 2013. This year I will:

  • Train the dog (ran off at the park and tried to mate with posh lady's dog this morning whilst I screamed "Charlie, No!" whilst being completely ignored... very embarrassing!
  • Will eat healthily and lose belly bulge.
  • Will run more.
  • Will not leave Master's work to the last minute and avoid panic-inducing essay writing weekend when realise deadline is Monday.
Have already eaten a full English breakfast, thus breaking resolution number two. However, boyfriend helpfully said 'the first day doesn't really count'.

Good start today having woken up hang-over free after the most awkward New Year so far in my life. To give a bit of back-story My friend Laura recently hooked up with a friend of my boyfriend's, Robert. Robert is inadvertently the boyfriend's virgin friend, but having lost some weight and getting a job has got distinctly more date-able in the last year. Laura and Robert, respective ages 27 and 29, both still live with their parents and having gone on a couple of dates, the boyfriend invited them both to stay at our house a few weeks ago. Felt like the owner of a cheap motel, but even more cringey, but managed to avoided the awkward 'going to bed' discussion by falling asleep on the sofa and basically being dragged to bed by boyfriend. Despite this night of passion(?!) she decided to break it off with him last Sunday. Had already invited both out for new-year's eve and Robert was planning on staying at my Mum's whilst Laura lives just round the corner.

Obviously, Laura got drunk, and things seemed very much 'back on' between the two of them and night changed from attempts to keep the two of them from feeling incredibly awkward, to attempts to keep couple from having sex in the next bedroom to my mother. Achieved this by insisting Robert walk Laura home for safety, much to my mother's relief. Not sure where things stand now as Laura turned up at mother's this morning to 'collect' something and ended up staying through the second  half of Uncle Buck and the first half of The Sound of Music.

To add more drama to the evening, my doctor friend Mary brought out her new date (I did think it was a bit much to bring a guy you've dated for two minutes to New Year, but each to their own), and Laura in her drunken state told her she could 'do much better'. Think it was intended as a compliment but has become awkward situation instead. My reaction was 'let's see if it works out, and if it doesn't, we'll say she was  right.' Felt like wise peace-keeper of the evening. Perhaps should consider a career in crisis-management.  

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