Thursday, 2 January 2014

Estate Agents are scum

Thursday 2nd January 2014

Number of minutes spent doing chores in phone game: 345
Number of minutes spent doing chores in actual home: 17
Number of rude emails received from money-grabbing estate agents: 1

New curtains are excellent for allowing for extra-long lie-ins. Stayed in bed till 10am today just because I could. Feeling very upset about returning to teaching angry teenagers on Monday.

Spent most of the day playing on pointless app games like The Sims and Blockheads. Why is it so much more satisfying maintaining the life of little digitised characters rather than much-needed maintaining of my own home. I think probably because digitised can carry out the hard work while I sit on my arse drinking tea. Dragged myself away just before boyfriend returned from work to quickly tidy up so he would say things like "you've been busy" although in reality, I really haven't.

Opened email to receive insulting email correspondence from Northwood Estate Agents regarding our previously rented house. We took the house due to being kicked out of our previous property as the owner wanted to return. They told us when we viewed the property that it was buy-to-let and we would be safe living there for a number of years. Instead, after one month, the Landlord knocked on the door, a confused expression on his face due to the dog standing there that the Landlords had apparently told him about, and said "You do know I'm moving back in in a few months don't you? I told the agents ages ago". Well, I definitely did not know. So, after being made homeless once again, Northwood are now sending us shirty emails stating that they are taking money out of our deposit for items that the dog damaged (door, carpet), which I wouldn't mind, except for the fact the Landlord has actually replaced the door and carpet since we moved out.

I now realise why everyone hates Estate Agents. They are, quite honestly, the scum of the earth. They charge £50 just to get references from your work (which were never asked for!), insist on checking the house frequently, but then charge you to change the appointment time because you're a teacher who has to work and they can't go in the house because the dog will, quite rightly, bite their evil little faces off. Northwood have now stated either I agree what they say or pay another £120 admin fee. Have decided to phone a company that helps resolve deposit issues tomorrow and see if can fight back. Feel like Erin Brokovich.

In regards to the resolutions - have eaten Domino's pizza for dinner. Boyfriend phoned suggesting take away for dinner and did not want to upset him by turning down his clear attempt at a romantic gesture. Well, I don't want to be rude.

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Tall Slim Sally said...

Hello again - welcome to 2014. Well I'm sorry to say that I haven't visited your blog much the last few weeks - but then I don't think you have visited my blog either. :)

I've been away for most of Christmas and now of course it is now back to university time. I was even asked "How are your Mum and Dad then" - "Still dead" I said!