Sunday, 5 January 2014


Sunday 5th January 2014

Went to the hairdresser on Friday with the question in my mind I always have: should I get a fringe? An ongoing dilemma, clearly! It's a question everyone woman asks themselves at some point. As I approached the hairdressers, armed with my photos of Zooey Deschanel looking flawless with a fringe, I felt myself losing my nerve. By the time I got in there, I'd gone from declaring "Cut me a fringe!" to whimpering "I was going to ask for a fringe but I think I've changed my mind." At this point, my hairdresser usually proceeds to agree my face is the wrong shape for a fringe and to cut the usual long limp layers.

This time, the hairdresser stated if I wanted a fringe it'd be best to keep my hair fairly long and started showing me the length. I was so grateful that she hadn't instantly shot the idea down I felt renewed confidence. She cut the fringe and almost immeadiatly I thought, "I've made a mistake, get me home so I can swish it to the side and pretend this never happened." I looked nothing like Zooey deschanel. I literally looked the same as I did at age seven, with the same haircut and the same chubby cheeks. It is so unfair that all examples of haircuts for women to copy are modelled on insanely thin and attractive models and invariably we take in the photo saying to the hairdresser "make me look like this." What happens is we end up looking like that, but with our own less-impressive face. Of course a haircut won't make us instantly look like Scarlett johansson or Jennifer Anniston, but for ten minutes we really believe it will. And we have to watch the whole thing awkwardly in the mirror trying not to make it obvious that we despise our own reflection. This is why I hate going to the hairdressers.

After getting home I decided to leave the fringe alone till the boyfriend got home, so we could both have a good laugh before it disappeared forever. In the time it took him to get home, I felt it growing on me. I've decided to leave it, until I see an awful photo and decide to change it back. I give it about two weeks.

What's your biggest hair disaster? 


Cat Fyson said...

Once when I was much younger, a hairdresser cut my fringe round to my ears (it wasn't even slightly fashionable then!) - I had to wear hats for so long whilst it grew back! I'm sure your fringe looks lovely!

Powdered Almond said...

Lol! I got a fringe a year and a bit ago, a real heavy one, and I loved it. "Look at me, I'm Claudia Winkleman!" I cried! Anyway a year later, not so long ago, I thought I'd get it done again "but not quite as heavy". Oh. Oh dear. It just looked awful. I can't explain. It went from "statement" to "age eight" and for some reason always looked limp and greasy. I'm in the process of growing it out.

Lucinda Harrington said...

Thanks for your stories ladies! It's nice to know others have had fringe dilemmas.