Friday, 10 January 2014


Friday January 10th 2014

Number of times regretted becoming a teacher: 17

Horrible week of long days and not enough hours. Stress is building up. Feeling swamped and over-put upon. Hate the way that I am blamed for teenagers not wanting to learn. Am meant to either physically force them with threats, or make lessons so fun and interesting they feel like one big game and they want to come, whilst also teaching them something at the same time... not fucking possible.

 Actually have a weekend at home this weekend but need to catch up on washing and ironing. All my clothes have dog hair clinging to them and feel like everyone at work things I'm dirty. Come to work looking bedraggled and tired. If only I could drag myself out of bed with time to put on make-up with care and make my hair look less like a bird's nest. Have also discovered the horror of 'greasy fringe'. Will be stocking up on the dry shampoo.

Week was ruined more by Facebook-stalking of a former colleague who seems to have everything. She is constantly travelling the globe with devastatingly good looks. For a while at least she seemed to be single, but now she is back with her high-school sweetheart and posting photos of her reading books on balconies in Barbados which he adoringly takes. Shouldn't she be confined to a glossy magazine so people like myself can imagine it's all celebrity airbrushing and people don't actually live like this? 

Feel like my life needs to be injected with a bit more glamour, rather than my priorities being getting through the day without having to shout at an acne-covered teenage boy for skipping my lesson before spraying my hair dry shampoo in the work toilets. 

Is your life glamourous?

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Tall Slim Sally said...

I'm sorry that your new job isn't working out as you had hoped. Do you think the bosses mis-described it to you at the interview or do you think that you didn't ask the right questions?

After a short break I have started blogging again. I posted last weekend and I'm aiming to do two posts a month.