Monday, 28 January 2013

My favourite apps 2013

I love my new Iphone. I love it so much. It's so amazingly pretty, and it can handle any app, no problem.

In my quest for the most amazing apps, I've found a few I would definitely recommend. They are a mixed bag, so hopefully there's something for everyone. I got them all free, but some of them are currently being charged for. To be honest, I recommend them so strongly that I'd be prepared to pay for them. Here's why:


I'm not a massive platform game fan. Other than Mario, I've not really seen a game out to it's later levels. Yet, for a mobile phone game, Swordigo is amazing. It's a bit like Zelda (or so I've heard), and definitely doesn't feel like an Iphone game. It has levels, but it isn't necessarily linear, although there is a story. The story isn't that amazing, but the gameplay really is.

It has a few key buttons: jump, left, right, shoot, strike. As you go along you get more powerful, and earn new kinds of magic. It has bosses to defeat, which are sometimes very difficult. I actually got my boyfriend to complete a lot of the end of the game as it got too hard, but he totally loved the game too, and he's not a big gamer. I got the game for free but it is charged for now. If they brought out a second one, I wouldn't hesitate to buy it, it's hours worth of gameplay and well worth the money.



Enscripted is a word game. You have to swap the letters to work out what the quote is. It's hard to explain, but it's great. It's sometimes a bit puzzling, but the sense of achievement when working out a difficult quote is great. The game is around 69p, which I think it is worth it, as I play on it every day.

 Apps Gone Free

This little gem isn't a fun app, but an incredibly useful one. Every day it tracks down apps you usually pay for, and lets you know that they are now free. It's a great way of discovering new apps, feeling like you're getting a bargain, and stopping your iphone from getting a bit stale with the same old apps. I found the above two apps on Appsgonefree. It's free, it lets you get things for free, what's not to like?



 This is a game where you control and interact with the world around you. You can't die, and don't really fight anything. The idea of the game is to mine new things, and make new things (apparently a lot like Minecraft). As there aren't any objectives, it gets a bit boring after a while. Also, it won't continue playing while the app isn't open, so you have to sit and watch your blockhead making a shovel for up to 20 minutes, which isn't gaming at its most entertaining. This game won't appeal to everyone, but I have spent a number of hours playing it, and I'm quite proud of the little house my blockheads now live in, crafted by their own fair hands. 

blockheads house


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