Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Chips every day: Not OK

Every day I go down to get my lunch from the canteen and every day I have the same choices- chips, a salad box, some rank pasta type thing, or a jacket potato. Every day I choose either a salad box or a jacket potato, but I witness an immense queue for chips. Many college students seem to only get chips, not even a sausage on the side.

chips school every day

I can't help but think, why are these people being offered chips every day? Is it their human right to be able to buy or chips. Or is that if chips aren't on offer they will simply go outside and use the chip shop up the road to buy lunch instead?

At school there were chips on offer every day. In terms of money chips were often a financially positive choice. It was £1.10 for a meal with chips, but £2 for a meal with vegetables.
Where I currently work the prices are:

Chips - £1.20
Chips and something (sausage, fish fingers)- £1.75
Baked potato and one topping - £1.90
Baked potato and two toppings - £2.50
Salad box (with cheese or tuna)- £1.75
Full meal - £3

Clearly those on a budget are likely to opt for chips to save their pennies.

Do schools still offer chips every day? I know we shouldn't be 'policing' what young people eat, and they will probably not be doing any long term damage as long as they are not eating unhealthy amounts, but it just seems a little wrong to offer chips every day rather than promoting healthy eating at an affordable price. Young people don't necessarily have the skills to make positive choices at their age, but should we make decisions for them? /what can we do to change this?


Anonymous said...

Putting chips on the menu every day is just laziness on the part of the cafeteria.

It also annoys me that you get lasagne and chips in pubs - what is that about?

Lucinda Harrington said...

I agree. What's wrong with a nice side salad and a bit of dressing?