Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Sims Freeplay Cheat - Free money

I have recently become a little bit addicted to Sims Freeplay. I know, it's geeky, but I really like the creativity of the game... and the fact there's not wrong answers! It is a little repetitive, but it's still fun.

The good things about the game are that there are ongoing goals and rewards that are enough to keep people interested. You can give your sims hobbies and as they practice these they can gain more money or skills. They can also get pets using 'life points', which are gained by completing goals, such as making a cup of coffee, or buying a new building.

One problem with the game is the time it takes to gain more money. There are cheats out there, such as changing the date on your phone to make things that take a long time happen instantly. However, I am always concerned that this will mess up the game and others have reported that they had to restart the entire game due to problems using this cheat.

I have found a cheat that seems to work without risking messing around with your progress. As part of the game you can connect with neighbours through a facebook account. You simply login in with facebook and the game will work out how many friends you have that play the game. It then creates a leaderboard so you can compare your town to others.

If you don't have neighbours you can always 'like' the Sims freeplay facebook page and leave a comment asking people to add you who play the sims. The only downside is that random people that you know nothing about can see your facebook. However, you get lots of in-game items for having lots of friends. You will get daily rewards, of anything up to 800 simoleons, and free items - such as a football table, pond, swing, sandpit and music box. These can be found in the catologue under 'social'.

Here's where the cheat comes in. You can add these free social items to your town for free if you have the correct number of friends. Once you get to this point, follow these steps:

1)Add lots of social items to your town (prefereably at one sim's house). Really pack them in. Choose ones that require more neighbours.

2) Go to 'account manager'- accessible by clicking the '...' button whilst playing, and then the little lock icon.

3) Select to log out of your facebook account (this will dissconnect your game from your facebook)

4) Go to the sim's house with the social items. You can now sell those social items for simoleons. Some items are worth over 1000 simoleons. Watch as your money shoots up.

5) Log your game back into facebook via account manager and your game will reconnect with your sim friends and be back to normal, but with extra cash.

You can redo these steps as many times as you like. It is risk free and really works! Leave a comment and let me know how you got on, and what you'll do with the money!

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