Monday, 22 July 2013

I'm a geek and I don't care: App review - Fog of World

It's not a game. It doesn't help you organise your life. You don't spend hours on it. But, it's probably one of my favourite Apps.

Fog of World

Fog of World is an app with a play on the name 'Fog of war'. In many games unexplored terrain will be clouded out until the gameplayer goes to explore that area. Fog of World is a real life version of this. The whole world is covered in cloud. Then, when you hit record and start moving around, the fog begins to clear to show where you have been. It sounds boring but it's actually really fun to track your journies and record where you've been.

The pros:

You can track where you've been.

You can gain better awareness of your surroundings (simply by looking at a map now and then).

You can discover new places. I went for a walk around my neighbourhood to try this out, and discovered there is a park right down the road from my house that I never knew about! I now use it all the time.

It doesn't need the internet.

It encourages you to visit new places.

You can have a visual image of where you went on a holiday.

If you go somewhere once, you can use your old trail to help you find it again.

The cons:

It drains your battery.

You have to remember to press record. I'm always disappointed when I get back from an interesting trip and realise I forgot to track my journey.

You only get to higher 'levels' (although there aren't really any incentives to bother thinking about levels) if you go abroad - which most people don't regularly.

This app is really only for geeks and travellers, or travelling geeks. I don't expect most people to get excited about this, but I personally think it's a cute little app that helps me to think about the places I go and the amount of travelling I do.

What's your favourite app?

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